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This is family business and founded 27/years ago as a rice trader and distributor in local market for all major exporters by selling them as packed product ready for shipment. The name of the firm was based on the goodwill and reputation of family members earned initially dealing as a rice trading and supply in local market. Initially, PF had a swift start with supply local market.

Since 1983, PF owns major stakes in the local industry and is considered highly renowned and reputed for its quality products and commitments, so management decided to turn into the export in early 2006 to discover new horizons by expanding its operations to exports to major International Markets.

PF is situated in Karachi with collaboration of rice mill that has state of the art technology and machinery used to process cargoes from initial stages of procurement till the final stages of packing and loading. Rice delivered by us is top quality, well-cleaned, textured, graded and inspected by our highly experienced Quality Assurance unit to make sure and never compromise at any stage of the process. We believe in staunch emphasis for investment in Research & Development in regards to technology and process development that are similar to standards followed anywhere in the world.

We are able to support by its world wide new customer and is growing everyday by the sheer power of experience it holds. With a promise to deliver only premium quality products, we offer a host of different quality rice brands and packs ranging from 1kg to 100kg.

When you want to work with the finest coarse white rice exporters in Pakistan, we answer the call. Not only will you benefit from using experienced rice exporters from Pakistan, your requirements & shipments of Pakistan rice is backed by consistent quality and regular supply round the year. That gives you the competitive edge and dominance over other rice importers & competitors in your region.

PF places itself as a leading bulk volume supplier of all varieties of Pakistani Rice, with able to major distribution points at major sea-ports world-wide. We are known as quality rice suppliers with competitive prices.

To give maximum benefits to our esteemed customers, we have adopted a policy work with very low margins to be very competitive. PF is dedicated to your success, promising high quality rice products, personal customer service and communication. You'll be kept up to date on a one-to-one basis about the progress of your shipment. Relying on years of experience, we as your rice exporter make importing quality rice process quite simple, guiding you through every step. Review our current prices for all varieties of Pakistan rice and contact us for a free sample today.

Why Prime Food

As market places get increasingly competitive, it is natural for companies to look at more value-added, more cost-effective product offerings. PF is able to leverage its following strengths to offer an unmatched value proposition to the Private Label business:


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